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DIY: Make The ‘Coolest’ Light Modifier With Only $5 Worth of Craft Supplies

By Hanssie on August 1st 2015

It’s Saturday, which means, those who aren’t out shooting, are either on a Netflix binge or tinkering around the house. If you’re bored and looking for some great DIY photography projects, be sure to check out all our DIY articles here.

We are days away from releasing our Lighting 201 workshop DVD, and those that have been patiently waiting after watching Lighting 101 can use this following easy DIY project to whet your appetite. You only need about $5 and a trip to the local craft store because this project involves GLITTER! Who doesn’t love glitter? (Except for the fact that it sticks to everything). Even so, the following DIY light modifier may be worth all the sparkles because it’s so simple to make and the effects can be really fun.


It only takes three supplies: Elmers Glue, black cardstock, and the glitter. Channel the kindergartener within, smear the card stock with glue and glitter and voila! You’ll have yourself a gold, glitter reflector, which you can use to modify your light to give it a ‘sun through the trees’ look, or a number of other creative effects. At around the 7-minute mark, Theoria Apophasis, the “Angry Photographer,” shows numerous ways he uses the modifier with his speedlight and a flashlight.

Angry Photographer: The Coolest Photography Hack on Earth (only $5 !)

Make sure you check out some of the other videos from Theoria Apophasis here.

[Via ISO 1200]

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  1. Kyle Stauffer

    The angry photographer made it on SLR Lounge!!! Been watching him for a while now. He has some interesting video’s on older forgotten Nikon lenses and very interesting older videos on magnetism. Anyway, very neat idea i’ll have to play with.

    | |
  2. Graham Curran

    Glitter gets everywhere, that’s why I’m not trying this anywhere near my photo gear.

    | |
  3. Herm Tjioe

    Great time to do it while kids are on summer break. Make a bunch of these with different colors, and for other photographers at child labor prices. Win-win

    | |
  4. Brandon Dewey

    very cool. Ill have to try this!

    | |
  5. Tom Blair

    Like it

    | |