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DIY Light Painting Tutorial | by Wen-Jié Yang

By Christopher Lin on October 6th 2012

There are a ton of light painting tutorials out there on the web; but I wanted to share this one today because I really enjoyed its simplicity and straightforwardness. French photographer Wen-Jié Yang shows us how he paints in light using an SLR and tripod, spotlight, torchlight, flashlight, Gels,tracing paper and Gaffer Tape.

Be sure to turn on the English captions (unless of course you speak French):

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  1. Ed Rhodes

    really good and funny! “well, since i’ve cheated on my ex, we have to use this statue as a model” lol

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  2. Basit Zargar

    Nice article.

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  3. Chuck Eggen

    Light painting is no secret but this video does show how much more creativity you can put into it. I like the final product and it’s given me some ideas.

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