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We Discuss The Vogue Wedding Photographer Controversy With The Slanted Lens

By Christopher Lin on March 2nd 2016

This month, we’re spending some time hanging out with our buddy, Jay P. Morgan of the Slanted Lens. We’ve recorded a few videos to be released on their Youtube Channel as well as the SLR Lounge Youtube Channel. Be sure to follow the series, as we’re diving into some fun topics.

In this episode, Jay P and Pye chat about the recent controversy over the Vogue article by Molly Guy titled, “The 10 Wedding Rules To Break.” In it, she suggests that brides “Say Don’t” to a list of things, including “Hiring a Professional Photographer.” As you may have predicted, this angered the wedding photography community and created an interesting topic of discussion. Join in on it with us here.

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  1. rohit sharma

    After wedding, food and decorations may fade away from one’s memory but photographs of the occasion may revive memories of old wedding day. These photographs ignite the spark of joy and let one dive into the memory of the occasions. Photography requires great passion, patience and expertise to make ones special day memorable. One must do some sort of homework before coming on any photographer so that the moments captured by him is exactly what they demanded for. People can find wedding photographers in Jaipur on

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  2. Lee Hawkins

    This would be my take. I ended up getting into shooting weddings professionally partly because I was disappointed in my photos…but in retrospect I don’t know what on earth I thought I was getting myself into!!! I did find a measure of success, but the most important thing I learned shooting weddings early on is that I had a LOT to learn about shooting them! Weddings are not something you can shoot very casually…it’s HARD work done well, and it really takes special people to continually crank out top-quality art every time. Vogue sells the entire industry short, when there really are a lot of good and great wedding photographers out there who will definitely create something that is worth every dollar spent. Of course, they also sell short a lot of other industries in their article, which was probably the entire point…publicity. Well done, Vogue. Now go tell everyone who wants good wedding photos not to use disposable cameras!!!

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    • Lorelei white

      Excellent comment! I am in awe of wedding photographers and believe they are special people. No joke, wedding photography is hard grueling work! The greats have learned their craft well and really know how to capture that special day. However, I know for me personally, I just couldn’t do it. The stress in making sure I don’t screw something up and miss a special part of the wedding is too much for me. I couldn’t do it. I also know I would burn out too fast. I don’t possess the special spirit a great wedding photographer has. I can’t believe Vogue sees no value in the industry…Ugh

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