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5D MKII News & Insight

Discontinued! Canon’s 5D MKII Has Been Taken Out Of Production

By Leo Hoang on December 24th 2012


After 4 years of life in Canon’s production line, Canon has indeed decided to retire the 5D Mark II.

Even after the Canon 5d Mark III was released, the Canon 5D MKII was still very much in demand. The release of the MKIII pushed the price down for the MKII, which made it more accessible for people who wanted to enter into the Full Frame DSLR game.

However, the Canon 6D is now Canon’s answer to entering into the full frame DSLR game, even though I’m sure there are still many people who prefer the older 5D MKII over the newer 6D.

You could probably still grab yourself a brand new 5D MKII from any stores which may still be holding some stock, otherwise it now seems the only way you can get your hands on one of these cameras is to find yourself a used model.

Older generation full frame cameras can still hold their own against newer models and the 5D MKII is a more than capable camera even by today’s standards. It is a shame to see it go, however it is inevitable.

This camera will always be remembered for its major impact in the area of DSLR Video.

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Have any of you still got your eye on purchasing this camera?

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Leo Hoang is a professional photographer based in London who shoots Weddings, Events and Real-Estate.

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  1. Revo

    Hi Hoang,

    Thanks for your great article. But I met a dealer who seems to be in possession of about a dozen Canon 5d Mark ii cameras. Do you think they are genuine ones or just replicas of the original?

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  2. Skater89


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  3. Skater88


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