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Discontinued Film Cameras Repurposed into Modern Lamps

By Tuan Tran on December 1st 2013

Digital cameras have become the preferred medium for most photographers, and now their old beloved film cameras are merely paperweights collecting dust.  Y Studio is a Taiwanese based company that has found an original and creative way to repurpose old discarded cameras and flashes into nostalgically functional lamps.

“The new technologies provide people more convenient and efficient life. It makes us to throw away things easily, and it’s a enormous waste that cannot be ignored. Those beautiful things should not fade away.” –Y Studio

These lamps are sure to spark conversations with your friends and family as they light up your spaces.  Y Studio attaches the cameras with steel components to give the lamps stability, and a vibrant red cord brings them to back to life.  With a variety of lamps to choose from, there is surely one to fit your style.

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ku-xlarge (2)

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How would one of these lamps look on your desk?  Let us know what you think!

[Source: Gizmodo]

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Tuan is a photographer with Lin and JIrsa Photography, a writer for SLR Lounge, and a freelance wedding and commercial photographer in Southern Cali.

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  1. Tanya Smith

    Super cool! I want one…

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