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Disciple of Decay, A harrowing Photo Series

By Anthony Thurston on October 5th 2013

Dutch photographer Niki Jeijen specializes in urban exploration; photographing abandoned and decaying buildings. In his recent photo series, Disciple of Decay, Feijen features decaying family homes, left almost as if someone was expecting to return home, its an eerie series that is masterfully executed.

What makes these images so interesting from my perspective is the state in which these homes are in. They have obviously been abandoned for a long period of time, and yet they also look as if they were vacated with every intention of returning. Clothes still hanging, beds made, statues on the side table, rotting furniture, pictures hanging on the wall. It really makes you wonder the circumstances behind the occupants leaving the home.

You can learn more about Disciple of Decay and Niki Jeijen from his website, The Art Of Urbex. Check it out!

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[via Daily Mail UK ] – All Images are Copyright Niki Feijen.

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  1. Rob Ruttan

    Fantastic. Where do people find stuff like this!!!???

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  2. Kath

    Truly breathtaking.

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