photography-hacks-freeI’m sure you’ve made a snoot from a Pringles can or a camera strap from parachute cord in the past. Raise your hand if you’ve been in this scenario: you’re out shooting somewhere and realize that, though you packed 2 camera bags full of gear and accessories, you failed to bring the ONE THING YOU MUST HAVE to get the perfect shot. Looking around, you get your MacGyver thinking cap on and spot some random zip tie on the ground and within seconds you’ve created a gimbal with that and the lint in your pocket.

We’ve all been there before and have probably created some interesting items. In the following video from DigitalRev, Kai shows us ten photography hacks that you can make for free if you’re in a pinch – on time or money. From a quick and easy tripod sling made with two key rings and some zip ties, to making your lens macro with a toilet paper tube and duct tape, there are some fun and interesting DIY items you could make.

My favorite hacks in the 10-minute video are #1, the “Tripod Sling” and #7, the “Strap Filter.” The strap filter one is so simple, but something I’ve never thought about doing before. By just using your camera strap to cover the bright sky and metering for the land, you can get a nice exposure of the sky – if you forgot your ND filter or where the HDR function is – which I usually do. In signature, Kai style, the video is humorous and at times a bit crass (with innuendos sprinkled throughout), so if that offends you, then you may want to skip the video below and check out some of our DIY articles instead.

What’s the most interesting/weirdest/most inventive photography hack you’ve tried?