We have talked before about the rumor regarding Canon taking mirrorless seriously in 2015, and today, we have some more details about that rumor.

eos-mAccording to a report over on Canon Watch, the new mirrorless camera will feature the same sensor as the 70D, which, of course, means the long requested Dual Pixel CMOS AF feature for EOS-M owners. Another big requested feature that will be added, according to the rumor, is an optional EVF. Sure, it’s not built in, but an optional one is better than none.

To go along with the camera release, the report over on Canon Watch states that there will also be several EF-M lens releases in 2015, on which the CW admin elaborates saying that there will be at least two EF-M prime lenses.


As for the camera, the rumor states to expect it to be announced before the summer of 2015, so sometime within the next 5-6 months. As a current EOS-M owner, I am excited to see where Canon takes the system now that they are ‘serious’ about it.

As bad of a rep as the M got, it really was a fairly solid camera for the most part. If Canon can address the shortfalls of the original M, and LISTEN to the tons of feedback they got from us owners, then this next generation of Canon EF-M cameras should be a great addition to the mirrorless marketplace.

Only time will tell…

[via Canon Watch]