You would think that the company would have gotten the hint by now, but it appears that global joke regarding Hasselblad and their overpriced Sony rebrands will get another punchline really soon.


According to several rumors reports, Hasselblad will be releasing a new ‘luxurified’ Sony rebrand, this time based on the Sony A7R. Though, this time the joke is even more painful if you are a Hasselblad fan because Sony just announced the a7R II, making this yet-to-be unreleased camera already old news before it is even released.

The new camera will be called the Lusso, and will – as with the other rebrands – feature a Hasselblad designed exterior with Sony guts. I will say, that for once, the design isn’t absolutely terrible. I can’t say for sure without having held it, but it even looks to feature a much nicer grip than the actual A7R.

Too bad it is a moot point with the a7R II coming out soon.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Hasselblad Lusso? Do you think Hasselblad will ever get the hint that these rebrands are likely the biggest joke of the photography world? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

[via Sony Alpha Rumors]