Fisheye lenses are great for shooting super wide fields of view, but the distortion is so extreme that sometimes you may want to try and ‘defish’ your fisheye images. There are several ways of doing so, with varying results, and today, I wanted to share with you the best way I have come across yet.

The tutorial below comes to us from Ian Norman, and his great YouTube channel. In the video, Ian talks about the usual way people try to correct lens distortion: through a lens profile correction in Photoshop or Lightroom. He demonstrates how this can work well for normal lens distortions, but on fisheye lenses, the ending results are hardly usable.

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Ian goes on to show us how he ‘de-fishes’ his fisheye images in Photoshop, in a way that makes the final result not only usable, but looking really good too. I have honestly always stayed away from fisheye lenses due to the distortion – I hate it. But using this method, I can see myself giving this a try in the future.

[Via Ian Norman on Youtube]