This morning Adobe has released updates in the Creative Cloud that that along with the usual minor tweaks and new features, should take advantage of the new hardware in the latest Apple M1 and Win ARM systems, making them work better and faster than ever before. Primarily, Lightroom will now operate as a “native” app in the M1 and Win Arm platforms, fully taking advantage of these new systems power-efficient processors. It’s yet to be seen how Lightroom Classic will be affected by these updates (if at all) but here’s hoping. Adobe states in the blog post that the new versions for Classic are in development and will be announced and released as soon as they’re ready.

Outside of this, the only real update for December seems to be new image/camera file support through ACR (which I’m personally excited for as I’m quite anxious to get to messing with images from the Nikon Z6ii to finish up our review!)

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Read the full blog post from Adobe below;

Today we’ve released updates for Camera Raw and Lightroom Classic as well as Lightroom for Windows, Mac, Android, ChromeOS, iOS, and iPadOS. In addition to supporting the latest cameras and lenses, Lightroom is now a native Apple M1 and Win ARM app.

Lightroom as a native Apple M1 and Win ARM app

I’m excited to announce that the latest version of Adobe Lightroom is now a native app for both Apple M1 and Windows ARM platforms.

We rebuilt Lightroom to take advantage of the newest performance and power efficiency benefits of the Apple M1 and Qualcomm Snapdragon (for Windows 10) processors.

adobe lightroom dec update

So what does this mean for you as a customer?

Lightroom is available across all the major desktop (Mac, Win, Intel, ARM), mobile (iOS, Android), and web ( platforms.

As we’re getting started on desktop ARM / Apple M1, we’ll continue to optimize for ARM and M1 in subsequent releases. And if you’re on an Intel-based computer, don’t worry…we’ll continue to invest in and improve Lightroom for you too.

How about Lightroom Classic and Photoshop?

Lightroom Classic, Photoshop, and Adobe Camera Raw have all been tested and certified to work well with Apple Rosetta emulation as we work on Apple M1 native versions of these apps. We intend to ship Apple M1 native versions as soon as they are ready, so stay tuned!

We also shipped an Apple M1 and Windows ARM native version of Photoshop as a beta app in November. You’ll find the Photoshop beta available directly inside the Creative Cloud desktop app.

Additional updates

  • ProRAW format support. You’ll be able to import and edit images taken in the Apple ProRAW format in the December updates to Camera Raw, Lightroom Classic, or Lightroom (desktop, iOS, Android, ProRAW is built using the Adobe DNG file format and specification. Please click here for more information
  • New Lightroom widgets for iOS14. Quickly take photos and selfies using the Lightroom camera, explore Discover Edits and In-app tutorials from the Widgets screen. You can even drag these onto the Home screen for easier access. (Lightroom iOS only, requires iOS14 and later)
  • The free Lightroom Starter plan is now available for Lightroom desktop (Mac and Win). Available only in Australia and New Zealand, new customers can start for free and use core Lightroom features, such as the Sensei-based Auto or the Light and Color editing sliders, without a subscription or trial limits. Check it out here!

2020 has been a challenging and busy year. There’s been a lot going on, so quickly highlighting some of the key features added to the Adobe Photography product line this year.

February release

  • Raw Defaults — Lightroom Classic and Adobe Camera Raw
  • Improved GPU support — Lightroom Classic and Adobe Camera Raw

June release

  • Share Edits — Lightroom (Mac, Win, iOS, Android)
  • Local Hue color updates — Classic, ACR, Lightroom (Mac, Win, iOS, Android)
  • Raw Defaults — Lightroom (Mac, Win, iOS, Android)
  • Watermarks — Lightroom (Mac, Win, iOS, Android)

Adobe MAX / October release

  • Advanced Color Grading — Classic, ACR, Lightroom (Mac, Win, iOS, Android)
  • Improved Performance — Lightroom Classic and Adobe Camera Raw

Thank you for your persistence and perseverance, we hope that you’re staying safe and healthy. Have a great and safe holiday season!