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Canon 5d mark III Deals

Deal Report: Big Savings on Canon, Leica, Hasselblad & Nikon

By Anthony Thurston on March 25th 2015

It has been a while since I did one of these Deal Reports, so it’s time to get you all caught up on some of the better deals going on right now. Today’s report is a good one; we have some deals for Canon, Nikon, Leica, and Hasselblad, so hide your wallets, or you may be going shopping.

Deal Report – 3/25/2015

Canon 5d mark III

There you have it, some great deals on some stellar gear from some of the most well known and respected photography brands there are. Make sure to jump on those Canon and Nikon deals soon though, they expire on March 28th (in 3 days)!

What other deals are going on that I missed? Share your deals in the comments below and I will try and get them on the next post!

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  1. Kyle Stauffer

    I also saw that the Canon 60d is 47% off. This brings it down to just $479 from the original $899. I know it’s not the latest and greatest camera, but that is a good deal to reference for someone getting into photography or even upgrading from a T model Canon.

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  2. Jerry Jackson

    I can’t help but feel like all four of these companies (each of which enjoyed massive success among working photographers for decades) need to have massive sales right now. Why? I think these companies are trying to counter a growing perception among working photographers that the best innovations in camera technology are happening with other (newer) companies.

    Five years ago (2010) EVERY working photographer I personally knew was using Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad (in the studio) or Leica (mainly for nostalgia or the way specific Leica lenses render the frame). Now I’d say that roughly 50% of the working photographers I socialize with are using Olympus/Panasonic m4/3 gear, Sony gear, or Fuji’s X-mount cameras.

    I’m not saying that Nikon, Canon, Hasselblad and Leica are dying … no way. However, I’m sure these four stalwarts of the camera industry are aware that a notable percentage of photographers are paying attention to other companies.

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  3. Nick DiGiallonardo

    Those are sweet deals for the Nikons though. The D610 includes the vertical grip, that’s pretty sweet.

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  4. Nick DiGiallonardo

    Wow, only $30,000 for that Hasselblad…might just pull the trigger after I sell my kidney.

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  5. Brandon Dewey

    thanks for the heads up

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