Welcome to our Deal Dash segment, where we scour the web for the best deals on camera, lenses, lighting, and other gear for photographers. There are always great deals to be found over on B&H, and Amazon, so make sure to check out those two websites. Today, we wanted to highlight 3 deals below:

Fuji X-Pro1 – Save $300


Sure, the X-Pro2 has been announced, and many will be looking to pick up Fuji’s latest flagship camera. But, that means some good deals on the current flagship X-Pro1 for the rest of us, starting with this $300 off offer over on B&H.

This gives you a final sale price of just $499, a killer deal if you are interested in seeing why everyone is so enamored with Fuji.

Canon EOS M3 – Save $200


It may not be the most advanced or popular mirrorless camera on the market currently, but Canon’s EOS M3 is actually still a very solid option for those looking to go mirrorless. Canon’s third try at the compact mirrorless camera is by far their best, offering photographers a familiar functionality to their Canon DSLR for a fraction of the size/cost.

What’s more? You can grab one right now for $200 off, for a final sale price of just $479 – a pretty good deal if you ask me. Interested? Grab it over on B&H here.

Nikon D810 – Save $300


Sure, all of you Nikonians are losing your minds over the new D5 and D500, but there are still deals to be had on Nikon’s other great DSLRs. Case in point, Amazon’s current $300 savings off on the Nikon D810, a killer deal on Nikon’s high-resolution DSLR.

Interested? Grab it over on Amazon, here.

This is our daily deals report where we will feature a deal, or deals, that we think you should know about. Feel free to let us know about any deals you run across by sending me an email (link in my profile) or leaving a comment below!