Welcome to our Deal Dash segment, where we scour the web for the best deals on camera, lenses, lighting, and other gear for photographers. There are always great deals to be found over on B&H and Amazon, so make sure to check out those two websites. Today we wanted to highlight 3 deals below:

Canon 5D Mark III – Save $300


No doubt Canon’s 5D Mark III is a workhorse of the photography industry, a camera that many use for their professional work on a daily basis. Offering Canon’s best features (outside of the flagship 1D line) and access to a stable of legendary optics, you can’t go wrong with the 5D Mark III.

Want one? Great, we have a deal for you today that will save you a cool $300! Head on over to B&H, here, to take advantage.

Nikon D7100 – Save $400


Nikon’s D7000 series has long been regarded as a great option for APS-C (or DX in Nikon’s ecosystem), photographers. Offering an array of semi-professional features and solid image quality, this is a great camera for anyone looking to be more serious about their photography.

Grab one over on B&H today for an impressive $400 off!

DELL XPS 13 – Save $210


Every photographer needs a solid machine from which to do their post-production these days. Apple’s products are popular, but for those who prefer a PC way of life, a great option is the Dell XPS 13 series. They are small, portable, and come with plenty of power to post-process your images.

You can also save a cool $210 right now if you want to head over to B&H to pick one up.

BENQ 32″ 1440P Widescreen Monitor – Save $150


If you are like me, post-processing on a laptop can be annoying. I prefer the full desktop processing experience, and the key to a good one of those is a solid monitor with a good color space and IPS panel. The BenQ 32″ model touches all of those points.

It is also available today with a much appreciated $150 in savings over at B&H. Grab one here if you are interested.



As we are sure that you are aware (and if you are not, get out from under that rock!) that CreativeLive is an amazing resource for learning and growing your photography skills. You can learn a variety of topics from shooting to business that will help you on your journey. (Plus they are our new partners!)

For our last deal of the day, we wanted to highlight the great deal they are having right now on their Photography Fundamentals courses. Head on over to Creative Live and save 25% on any of those courses here.

This is our daily deals report where we will feature a deal, or deals, that we think you should know about. Feel free to let us know about any deals you run across by sending me an email (link in my profile) or leaving a comment below!