Sony is bringing back their trade in promotion that was so popular a while back. This time the offer includes the new Sony A7s, which has been getting rave reviews around the web.


In case you missed it last time, the promotion is simple. Trade in any working SLR or Mirrorless camera and you will recieve 15% off the purchase price of a new Sony A7, A7r, or A7s. Right now 15% comes out to about $375, not a bad discount, but the fun doesn’t end there. That is in addition to whatever the camera you send in is valued at. So that $375 is just the base discount possible with this new promotion.

Just for an example, if I wanted to trade in a lightly used Canon 5D Mark III, my trade in value would be $1760, plus the 15% towards the A7s and I would only have to pay about $400 for the A7s. Not a bad deal at all.

You have a whole month to figure out if it’s something you want to do as well, since it is running for the entire month of July. If you are interested in more details, you can head on over to B&H to get the lowdown and start the process.