The Sony A7 and A7R are two of the hottest cameras out there right now since they are the first full frame mirrorless cameras. Not only are they priced incredibly well,  but their featured combined with incredible image quality makes them a no-brainer for anyone looking to get into the full frame game.


And here’s another reason to ditch your old DSLR for one of the cool new mirrorless phenoms – for a limited time only, you can get a minimum of $300 off the purchase of a new A7 or A7R just by trading in an old camera. That can be any camera, any make, or model. Working or not. Simply head on over to B&H, fill out the necessary form, and once your camera is received, you will get a minimum of $300 towards your A7 or A7R purchase, if your camera is worth more than $300, then you can get back even more.

Seems like quite an awesome deal if you ask me. Trade in an old film camera, or head down to your local Goodwill and find a cheap DSLR that no longer works correctly. Seriously, if it saves you $300 off the price of a brand new A7 or A7R, it seems worth it to me.

To take advantage of this deal go to the B&H website and fill out the form to get the process started. B&H will provide you with a prepaid shipping label and when they receive your camera, they will provide you with a minimum of $300 (or more, if what you trade in is worth more) – in the form of a discount code – towards your A7 or A7R purchase.