The 7D Mark II may be on the market now, but that doesn’t make the 7D irrelevant. The legendary Canon 7D has been a staple for shooters of all types from Portraits and Weddings to Sports and Wildlife.


It has superb auto focus, and as long as you don’t push the ISO too much, wonderful image quality. It really is still a great camera, and I would place it very high on the hierarchy of APS-C cameras still on the market.

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Now, the point of this post is to highlight the insane deals now available on the remaining 7D stock over at B&H. From now until February 28th, you can get your hands on the 7D for just $849, a whopping $650 in savings from the previous price for a new body.

If you are interested, you can hop on over to B&H now to take advantage. But remember this is available for a limited time only, so jump on it while you still can.