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Deal Alert: EOS-M Kit With 22mm Lens Only $249

By Anthony Thurston on August 29th 2014

I just got done talking about how the EOS-M is the basis for my run-n-gun video kit, and what do you know, today, we have a great EOS-M deal alert for you all. We don’t normally feature ebay deals, but this one is so good, we wanted to pass it along.


Currently over on Ebay you can get your hands on the EOS-M in any of the available color options (Well. all except red, because red is now sold out), in the kit with the 22mm F/2 lens (a stellar little lens) for a mere $249.99. I rave about how great of a deal this camera is when the body only is on sale for this price, so for the kit with the 22mm lens to be this price, it is really a no brainer in my opinion.

The seller, bigvalueinc, has 99.3% positive feedback. So, it is about as safe of a buy as you can get on ebay. According to the tracker on the page, as of this writing, over 124 have been sold. There is a limited quantity, so jump on it quickly. I would be all over this if I did not just get another M in the mail this week.

You can find the deal over on ebay here. The same kit over on B&H (in black only) is over $300 still, so you are effectively saving about $60 here.

*It is worth noting that these are Grey Market, meaning they won’t be under a Canon USA warranty. The product is identical, and there is a warranty from the seller (as well as ebay buyer protection). Just be aware*

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

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  1. Michael Moe

    i’m waiting for the m3 model!

    | |
    • William Emmett

      I sure hope your not waiting in the U.S. We’re still waiting on the M2, and will probably wait until **** freezes over.

      | |
  2. William Emmett

    It would be nice if someone from Canon would chime in about the “M” systems focus problems. Canon also incorporated a “M” to EF adapter, this gives the message the EF lenses will fully function on the “M” body. In fact the EF lenses are slow to focus, including expensive “L” quality lenses. I’m thinking the actual problem is the battery not having enough power to drive the focus motors on the larger EF lenses. I also question the decision to produce a “M2” model, and not market it in the U.S. I would think if the power is the problem, Canon would look at a battery grip for the “M’ that would drive the lenses. Other companies have produced acceptable small body cameras, so why has Canon not followed their design lead. I’m looking at Fuji, Sony, and any other that will have a adapter for my Canon EF, and EF “L” lenses. To also note, other companies have introduced full frame into their mirrorless lineup. I would think it is time for Canon to decide if they want to come to the Mirrorless Party.

    | |
  3. Austin Swenson

    Anthony, do you think there will be any M-mount lenses for this little guy, or is this kind of just a small market thing that you have to buy the adapter for to enjoy?

    | |
    • Anthony Thurston

      I believe that Canon will still produce M mount lenses (there was some murmuring of a possible EOS M3 sometime this fall, but haven’t heard more about that in a while). I know that Samyang/Rokinon/Bower make their lenses in the M mount, and Tamron has at least one lens in the M mount. Your options are limited for sure, especially if you are set on using the AF, but if you are ok with using manual focus, the possibilities are endless really.

      | |
  4. Ralph Hightower

    Pair that with the Canon EF 1200mm f5.6 and you got a deal.

    | |
  5. Rafael Steffen

    I want to check out which Nikon camera is similar to this one and compare both of them before making the right decision.

    | |
  6. William Emmett

    Save your money. I was doing the research look to buy this camera with a Canon adapter so I could use some of my “L” lenses and have a lighter weight camera. I found the “M” to be slow to focus. I own the 6D also, and use it as my main camera now. Canon came out with a “M2” model, but is only available in Asia. There is a firmware upgrade, but the system is to new for a upgrade so soon. Since the price had plunged so much, look out. Canon may be pulling the lineup, or maybe planning something else. I’d wait and see.

    | |
    • Anthony Thurston

      Its a great little camera for $250, William. It can be a tab slow in some situations, but with the new firmware update it is completely usable it many situations (besides anything fast action or low light really).

      I don’t think anyone is suggesting this camera is a good option for a pro, as a backup body or anything like that. But that does not mean it doesn’t have some uses that it is great at, for example, I love them for video, and use multiple “M” bodies on a daily basis. They work GREAT for my needs, obviously not going to be the same for everyone, but figured I should share some first hand experience.

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  7. Michael Alfaro

    This is an awesome deal I want to make the purchase but don’t know if I should almost done paying off the 6D.

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