I just got done talking about how the EOS-M is the basis for my run-n-gun video kit, and what do you know, today, we have a great EOS-M deal alert for you all. We don’t normally feature ebay deals, but this one is so good, we wanted to pass it along.


Currently over on Ebay you can get your hands on the EOS-M in any of the available color options (Well. all except red, because red is now sold out), in the kit with the 22mm F/2 lens (a stellar little lens) for a mere $249.99. I rave about how great of a deal this camera is when the body only is on sale for this price, so for the kit with the 22mm lens to be this price, it is really a no brainer in my opinion.

The seller, bigvalueinc, has 99.3% positive feedback. So, it is about as safe of a buy as you can get on ebay. According to the tracker on the page, as of this writing, over 124 have been sold. There is a limited quantity, so jump on it quickly. I would be all over this if I did not just get another M in the mail this week.

You can find the deal over on ebay here. The same kit over on B&H (in black only) is over $300 still, so you are effectively saving about $60 here.

*It is worth noting that these are Grey Market, meaning they won’t be under a Canon USA warranty. The product is identical, and there is a warranty from the seller (as well as ebay buyer protection). Just be aware*