If you’re a Sony or Fuji shooter who’s been eyeing Capture One, now is the time to jump on it. There is currently a massive discount on the two Capture One versions that are brand-specific (rather than the full program, which can be used with just about any brand). Perpetual licenses, bundles with a perpetual license and style packs (which are similar to Lightroom presets) and even subscriptions can all be had for half of the usual price right now.

I probably don’t have to tell you twice that this is a crazy-good deal. If you’ve got a Sony or Fuji camera and don’t have a professional need to be able to support other camera brands in your workflow, it’s a no-brainer. Capture One has gained brand recognition among a broader audience in recent years, but it’s been an industry standard piece of software at the highest level much longer.

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If you aren’t sure if Capture One is for you, you can download the software and activate the trial period for unrestricted access to all the program’s features. There is a slight learning curve coming over from Lightroom, which can be mitigated by using the “Migration” workspace, designed to simplify the transition.

Much will be familiar, though, and features like layers, Capture One’s incredible color editor tools, luminosity and color range masks, and in Fuji’s case, great integration with Fuji’s own film styles, should have you ready to take advantage of the sale.

There is also a ton of instructional content provided by Capture One on their YouTube channel and website to help you get started. This deal won’t last forever, so grab it while you can!