Canon has gone off the deep end and dropped the price of their EOS M mirrorless camera in half! The camera usually retails for just shy of $600, but can now be had for only $299. If you have been thinking about diving into the mirrorless world this may be a great time to do it. You won’t find another deal like this for a while.


Canon recently released a Firmware update for the EOS M that fixed a lot of the model’s problems including an issue with slow focusing. You can get the body in either black or white, and both come with the EF-M 22mm F2 STM lens.

This is only speculation, but there seems to be only one reason that Canon would make such a move. They must be ready to release a new EOS model soon and they want to clear out their inventory before announcing the newer model. This actually reminds me a lot of when HP decided to abandon its PalmOS powered tablets and put them on a ridiculous sale. There are similarities, but I highly doubt the reason Canon is slashing prices is because they are abandoning the mirrorless market. As I said above best bet is a newer model is coming down the pipe and they just want to clear the way before it arrives.

[Buy the EOS M from B&H for only $299]


Does the huge price drop intrigue you? Thinking about taking advantage of the deal? Let us know in a comment below.