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David Breashears’ 3.8 gigapixel photo of Mt Everest

By Matthew Saville on December 21st 2012

Here’s something to sink your eyes into: A 3.8 gigapixel photograph of Mt Everest, created by David Breashears using almost 400 images from a 300mm telephoto lens.  David has climbed Mt Everest five times, and has been documenting the environment with respect to glacial changes over time.  Recently, he was interviewed by NPR about this latest image. Click HERE to read the interview on

Click HERE to view the interactive 3.8 gigapixel photograph!


From a distance, the image almost makes the mountain peak look small, and relatively easy to conquer.  (Mt Everest is the dark rocky peak to the left of the center)  However, as you zoom in, you begin to see the tents.  Hundreds or thousands of them, littered along the edge of the glacier.  Also, zooming into the snowy face in the “V” in the upper middle, you can spot climbers making their way up to a trail camp.  Then, you realize the sheer massiveness of it all.  An impressive sight, indeed!

Keep on clicking, (even if the world ends today!)

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  1. Joseph Prusa

    Very nice

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  2. Tyler Dretke

    That is incredible.  Kuddos to the people responsible and willing to lug that equipment up there.  We’re all very grateful!

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