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Samsung Cameras Non-Existant At CEs 2016; Hoax Confirmed


One of the biggest things to take away from CES 2016 was that Samsung appears to be all but officially out of the camera business. The electronics giant has not officially announced shuttering its camera business, yet not a single camera was even on display throughout their entire CES space (which was massive).

This all but confirms the talk recently that indicated that the company had decided to shutter its declining camera business after failing to really ever catch on in the market with semi-professionals or professional photographers.

The other Samsung related news was the confirmation from Nikon that all that talk last month about some sort of buyout or partnership of Samsung camera technology was a complete hoax. This coming directly from Nikon’s Product Manager for Professional Products and Product Planning in Europe, who went even further as to say there were never even any discussions between the two companies about it.

All things aside, it looks to me like Samsung management went ‘all-in’ with their NX1 concept and when even a camera as impressive as that was on the spec sheet failed to get any real traction, they took that as a sign to bow out of this race. It’s a shame really, given the promise and potential the NX1 has and what further iterations of it could be, with the right lens ecosystem.

Now the question becomes, will Samsung officially announce their departure from the camera market, or will they just let it sort of fade into nothingness for long enough that we all forget they ever made cameras.

Vizelex Updates Their RhinoCam For A7/R/S II Cameras

The Rhinocam has always been a great way for photographers to get perfect panorama and Brenizer-like stitched images using old medium format film lenses. Unfortunately for owners of Sony’s newer Mk II A7 series camera bodies, the new grip got in the way of the old design and made it almost impossible to get the cameras mounted easily.

Well, as you can see in the review above, Vizelex has updated their design now to accommodate the newer Sony body and now owners of the A7II, A7S II, and A7R II can take advantage of the easy-mode panos that the Rhinocam allows for.

Olympus Developed Both F/1 and F/1.2 Lens Series, Nixed F/1


We have reported previously on the rumors that Olympus will be announcing a new F/1.2 fast prime lens series in the Spring. We have now received word about the interesting development process for this series, which was apparently co-developed with an F/1 series.

Apparently, though, Olympus decided against going into production on the F/1 series and decided to only move forward with the process on the F/1.2 series lenses.

Honestly, this makes a lot of sense to me. F/1 lenses are hard to produce with any sort of optical excellence, and given that these lenses would be meant for the micro four thirds system, the lenses would probably be comically large on the available camera bodies.

That, mixed with the probable cost of such a series of lenses, and it was enough for Olympus to go with a more common (though really not all that much more common) F/1.2 series of lenses.

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