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Sigma CEO Says Sony Will Be ‘The’ Major Player In Photo Industry

sigma lenses

Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki was recently interviewed by Taiwanese outlet Mobile01 and part of that interview focused squarely on what the Sigma CEO thought of Sony and their future in the photography industry.

To us, it is very clear that Sony will be the major player in the photo industry,” Yamaki said, “Because they have sensor technology. In order to differentiate the products, the sensor and lens are the most important. Other things can be shared by other companies. I think in the photo industry who has a good technology of making good sensor and lens could survive. That is why we acquired the Foveon company and try to retain the technology to us.

Sigma’s top dog makes some good points, and all indications are that Sony is definitely creating waves with their sensor performance. Interestingly enough, the interviewer also noted that there is currently a huge demand for Sigma glass for the Sony system. Yamaki replied only with, ‘Everything is possible.

Not a real answer one way or the other, but given his position on Sony’s future in the industry, it would seem a matter of WHEN not IF Sigma will start adding FE mount versions of their popular lenses – or at least of their new lenses going forward.

Refurb Canon 6D‘s, Just $999


Canon’s entry level full frame DSLR, the 6D, is now available for under $1000 (barely). The 6D is a very popular DSLR with a strong following, the camera itself is said to have better performance in some respects over its more expensive 5D brethren.

But how is a full frame Canon DSLR selling for under $1,000? Simple, these are refurbished units, sold directly from Canon. So while a truly brand new Canon 6D will run you a bit more than that, you can get a Canon certified refurbished unit for under $1,000.

Interested? You can grab it over on the Canon website here.

Editing 4K Video on an Ultrabook?

If you have ever tried editing video on a ultra portable device, you know that it can be, and usually is, a bit of a crap shoot. Even 1080p video on a sub-$1000 Ultrabook can give you problems in many cases, let alone 4K.

The guys over at Linus Tech Tips had a notion though; could you comfortably edit 4K footage on a more premium Ultrabook in a pinch? The video above take a look at this question and comes to some very interesting conclusions.

Maybe those super expensive 20lbs gaming laptops aren’t really needed for us creatives anymore??

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