Being that Nikon is still largely one of the largest camera and lens manufacturers in the world, there are constantly new rumors coming in regarding possible new products. The guys over at Nikon Rumors recently put together a great overview of what rumors they think are coming down the pipe for Nikon.

You can checkout that full post over at Nikon Rumors, but I wanted to highlight few that I think are significant.


Nikon D7200 Rumor

I feel as if Nikon just released the D7100, but according to NR, they expect a new D7200 to be released sometime this year. Most likely after the summer, possibly at Photokina in September.

If you ask me, I feel like this is more proof that Nikon just does not get it. The quick succession from the 3xxx, 5xxx, and now 7xxx are not what people want. People want a solid camera that will last them for years, not a camera that is replaced in the lineup (with mediocre feature upgrades)  just a short time after being released. I feel like it’s better to release a camera, than release firmware updates (even if you charge for them) to improve small features.

Nikon F/1.8 Zoom Rumor

NR also says that it is likely that Nikon will release some sort of F/1.8 DX zoom lens to compete with the Sigma 18-35mm F/1.8 that is getting so much praise. I would love to see this. Not only because 1.8 zooms are awesome, but because up to this point, neither Canon or Nikon has really responded to ANY of the amazing releases that Sigma has debuted lately.



It would be interesting, in my opinion, to see what sort of performance and price point Nikon would come in at here. Given that for once, they are the ones coming out with a lens to compete with the third party lens that came out first (usually the other way around). It will be interesting to see how Nikon chooses to price their own offering.

Nikon 1 V3 Rumor


Nikon has said they are still committed to their mirrorless line, and this means a new mirrorless body is likely coming out this year as well. It is entirely possible that Nikon only releases this camera in Asia, like Canon did with the EOS M2, but that is pure speculation.

I would personally love to see Nikon release a new mirrorless body that actually competes well against the other mirrorless offerings, something to go up against the Fuji X-Series and Sony NEX (or whatever designation they will start having) systems. If Nikon is serious about their mirrorless line, then that is the direction they need to go, in my opinion.

You can see a whole lot more in regards to what Nikon possibly has coming down the pipe this year over on Nikon Rumors.

I am curious, which of the rumors that I featured above interests you more? Which one would you like to see most and why? Leave a comment below to join the discussion!

[via Nikon Rumors]