Canon or Nikon, Nikon or Canon, the age old question is just as prevalent today as it was in the 70s, 90s, and the early days of digital photography in the 2000’s. Whenever one manufacturer comes out with a new model, it is almost expected that the other will soon come out with a competitor model. The case was no different after Nikon released the D600 to much fanfare, and it was only a matter of time before the 6D was announced as well.


So back to that age old question, which model is better, which camera manufacturer reigns supreme? The truth hurts, because the honest answer is that they are both superb cameras with excellent features. The key is to know what your needs from a camera are and to select the model that better fills that need.

Check out this awesome video that is probably one of the best camera comparison videos I have ever seen. Fan boys beware, this video is not for people wanting to crown a winning camera. The 34 minute video goes into detail comparing the cameras in a variety of ways, from focusing to low light, from portraits to video features. If you are looking at picking up one of these full frame cameras then I recommend you take half an hour and watch this video.

While your at it, Why not pick up a Nikon D600 or a 6D for your camera bag?