The folks over at Nikon Rumors recently put out a great overview of the rumors and what they expect Nikon to be announcing here over the next several months. Sadly, if their timetable is correct the soonest announcement will come in May for some new coolpix cameras.

The three items on the list that are most likely of interest to you all are the D800x, D9300, and D2300.

According to the post, the Nikon D800 may be updated to a D800x instead of a D4x, and would feature upgrades similar to the Nikon D4s update that recently came out. No timetable on the D800x yet.

As for the D9300, or D400 as more of you may recognize it as, there is no new information on the body since we posted the original rumor a while back. But if current rumors hold true, this camera is expected to be announced later this year. My guess would be sometime around Photokina.


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Another rumored Nikon released for this year is a Nikon D2300, which is expected to be Nikon’s response/competitor to the Canon SL1 camera. According to rumors on this body, it should be roughly the size of the SLR, maybe even smaller, with a feature set similar to that of the D3xxx series. It is also said that it may not have an optical viewfinder, maybe this could be a more DSLR-like mirrorless from Nikon (though that is doubtful).

What are your thoughts on these rumors? Which ones stand out to you and which would you like to see announced first? If you are interested in the full Nikon Rumor roundup, you can check out the post over on Nikon Rumors.

[via Nikon Rumors]