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D2300, D9300, Nikon Rumor Roundup

By Anthony Thurston on April 22nd 2014

The folks over at Nikon Rumors recently put out a great overview of the rumors and what they expect Nikon to be announcing here over the next several months. Sadly, if their timetable is correct the soonest announcement will come in May for some new coolpix cameras.

The three items on the list that are most likely of interest to you all are the D800x, D9300, and D2300.

According to the post, the Nikon D800 may be updated to a D800x instead of a D4x, and would feature upgrades similar to the Nikon D4s update that recently came out. No timetable on the D800x yet.

As for the D9300, or D400 as more of you may recognize it as, there is no new information on the body since we posted the original rumor a while back. But if current rumors hold true, this camera is expected to be announced later this year. My guess would be sometime around Photokina.


[REWIND: Nikon D9300 Rumored To Be a High End APS-C Body]

Another rumored Nikon released for this year is a Nikon D2300, which is expected to be Nikon’s response/competitor to the Canon SL1 camera. According to rumors on this body, it should be roughly the size of the SLR, maybe even smaller, with a feature set similar to that of the D3xxx series. It is also said that it may not have an optical viewfinder, maybe this could be a more DSLR-like mirrorless from Nikon (though that is doubtful).

What are your thoughts on these rumors? Which ones stand out to you and which would you like to see announced first? If you are interested in the full Nikon Rumor roundup, you can check out the post over on Nikon Rumors.

[via Nikon Rumors]

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Q&A Discussions

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  1. Rafael Steffen

    A D400 with a 1.3 corp factor sensor would answer 99% of our needs.

    | |
  2. carl valle

    a pro sports dx camera? seriously? what for? and i wouldn’t hire a wedding guy that couldn’t figure out how to use a d800 or better – what if i want big prints? aps was yesterday – high res full frame or mf is where any pro should be today. i want the d800sx – 36mpix plus fast frame rate – then we are done.. till we get even bigger 645 or so or maybe at least 36×36 square which i think some nikon glass might do…

    | |
  3. Brent

    Nikon prosumer users NEED a D300s replacement with a feature set similar to the D4. Will they get it? Not likely.

    | |
    • Luci CJ

      I’m afraid that the current tendencies promoted by both Nikon and Canon are to move upmarket, to full-frame cameras. The price of the D300 in its heydays was similar to the D600 and its end-of-life price was comparable to that of the D7100, so I guess that a replacement should fit in between the two, which would hurt sales of both models. Though I’m certain especially sports photographers would appreciate an APS-C camera with a high-grade shutter and focus mechanism, as full-frames require longer focal lengths and more expensive lenses for the same telephoto capabilities.

      | |
  4. Matthew Saville

    Yeah, Ironically, what they really NEED to announce is a little different, apart from the D9300 IMO.

    Nobody needs a D800X, or a D800s, not nearly as much as they need an affordable D4, a la D700s or D800H or something. (H being a throwback to the D2H, Nikon’s previous use of the “H” label which denoted that the camera was the speedy, action-sports flagship of the time.

    Nobody needs a D2300, not nearly as much as they need a better competitor to the mirrorless market champs such as the Panasonic GH4, The Sony A6000 and A7 series, and the Fuji X-T1.

    Hopefully Nikon is listening. The beginner DSLR is dying, IMO, and rapidly giving way to mirrorless…


    | |
  5. Nick

    I’d love a new full frame camera that I can use for sports, that is more affordable than the D4(s).

    | |
    • Ryan B

      Get a D3s. I love my D4, but honestly, the D3s is the best sports camera I’ve ever used bang for buck… Sadly, Nikon let a great thing go when they quit the D700. I don’t care what anyone says, the D600/610/800s are not the same thing. It was a niche product no one could match. Adding a grip made it the best package for the broadest needs that weren’t demanding 50MP IMO. I live the 800 res when needed, but that 700 killed many birds with one stone. Maybe that’s why it’s gone – not enough people buying multiple cameras…

      | |
    • Matthew Saville

      Yep, Ryan B, that was my problem- I bought TWO D700’s and decided I just didn’t really need anything else! So unless they slap a D4 / Df / D4s sensor in a D800 body, I’m not buying any new Nikon cameras for my wedding photography work. I’ll probably give the Sony A7S a try, actually, as a general photojournalism camera!


      | |
  6. Tim

    What I want them to release and what they will probably release are two drastically different things. Sadly…

    | |