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Cycloramic: Another Winner from the “Shark Tank”

By Adam Kuzik on February 2nd 2014

In a matter of hours, after appearing on ABC’s reality TV series, “Shark Tank,” the “revolving” hands free panoramic photo and video app, “Cycloramic” by Egos Ventures shot to the top of the App Store Charts.

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If you haven’t heard, “Shark Tank” is an ABC reality TV series that revolves around business pitches from aspiring entrepreneurs to a panel of potential investors, called “sharks.” And in the latest and just-aired episode of the show, Cycloramic walked away with a cool $500K for 15% of their company. WIN!

According to data from Appstatics, its Studio 360 Panorama edition jumped more than 200 places to the No. 1 spot, and its Pro edition jumped more than 300 places to No. 2.

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Cycloramic’s main selling point is its hands-free operation, enabling one to capture panoramas by having the iPhone vibrate and automatically turn in a full circle. Check out this demo:

What do you think? Is the Cycloramic an app that you can use?

[Via @AppAdvice]

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Adam Kuzik is the founder and owner of Studio 35 Photography + Video based near Calgary, Canada. He is a professional wedding and commercial photographer as well as an industry educator.

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  1. Mark

    What no one realized in this overheated run for the money is that this patent is dependent on the phone being able to stand on its base. The iPhone 5c does NOT stand on its base as the iPhone 5s does. The next generation of iPhones might not stand on its base anymore.

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  2. Nick Cardona

    I bought it right after I watched Shark Tank. I was skeptical on how well it works. I have been pleasantly surprised that it works almost as well as the video shows. It is really important that the phone is on a flat, solid surface. If there is any give at all in the surface the vibrations won’t be able to turn the phone.

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