1) Background – First you need to choose between creating a custom background or using a solid color as your background.
2) Design a banner – Create a banner 1000 px wide by 285px tall. If you use Adobe Illustrator, you may download our template here.
3) Customize your profile – Open up header.php in a text editor. Replace “Lin and Jirsa” with your studio name and replace the paragraph following with a description of your studio/services.
4) Customize your social bookmarks – In header.php locate the following code: “” and replace “topherlin” with your Facebook user name. Also in header.php, replace “” with your Twitter user name
5) Install the “Twitter for WordPress” plugin – click add new under plugins, search ‘Twitter for WordPress’, click install, click activate
6) Customize Widgetized footer – Under appearance – widgets, drag widgets over to the three sidebars (one widget per sidebar), recommended widgets – recent posts, tag cloud, recent comments, calendar doesn’t display correctly without some css modification
7) Customize your links – delete all of the default links, “add new”