In the previous step, we Installed WordPress. If you have not yet done this task, please go back and do so. In this step, we are going to dig into customizing a few essential WordPress Settings.

Change Your Site Title

In the general settings, change your site title and tag line. Be sure to use your main keyword for this! If you would like, include your studio name after your main keyword. For more information on keywords and titles, be sure to check out the Web Marketing and SEO for Photographers book.


Change Your Permalink Settings

The next CRITICAL step is to set your “Permalink Settings.” Think of permalinks as your URLs for your pages. By default, the WordPress structure is not SEO friendly. Be sure to use the “Post name” setting and click “save changes.” For more info on Permalinks, check out the ebook.


Change Your Media Settings

The last CRITICAL step is changing your maximum image sizes in the “Media Settings.” If you do not change these settings, the images on your site will be limited to the “Max Width” or the “Max Height.” This is not an issue for the images on your blog entries, but for some of the images in your portfolio, the image size limitations will make the images appear pixelated/lower quality. Use high numbers here. We recommend 3000 and 2000, as you see below.


Next Step

After you have customized your basic WordPress settings, it’s time to move on to customizing your theme.