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What Cameras Are On The Mars Rover Curiosity?

By Pye Jirsa on June 15th 2013


NASA is always up to exciting stuff; last year before Curiosity landed on Mars I had the privilege of going on a behind the scenes tour of their space center at Goddard, Maryland.  I had a friend who worked there, and he showed me all of the great things that NASA’s engineers and scientists were working on; he even showed me one of the engines that he designed, and would in a few months be blasted off into space.  That is insanely cool stuff!  The crazy thing is that he didn’t mention anything about the planned Mars landing, and I was floored with excitement when I learned about it just a few weeks later.

This time, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the division behind Curiosity, has released a video detailing some of the specifics of their camera gear on the rover.  The rover has 17 cameras equipped, which, as Justin Maki says in the video, is more than on any other NASA vehicle in its history.  Take a look!

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