I wanted to share my opinion regarding a “rant” that was recently posted over on DIY Photography titled “Crop vs. Full Frame: Excuse me while I rant”. You should head over to DIY Photography and check out the original post, but for the sake of making this TL;DR friendly here is a brief summary.

[REWIND: Crop Frame vs Full Frame Sensors | Everything you need to know]


In the post Jeff Guyer, an Atlanta GA based photographer, details his recent troubles with uneducated clients deciding not to work with him based on him using a crop body and not a full frame body. After venting his frustrations on the subject Jeff makes the great point that while it may be tempting to get a full frame camera (before you can really afford it) in order to “qualify” for all jobs, in the end it really is the quality of your work that will get you jobs not the gear that you use.

I just wanted to share my thoughts on the subject because I too like Jeff get really frustrated with possible clients that have the nerve to ask what camera I am using for the project. I just want to through it out there, but why the heck is that any of their business. They would not be contacting me if they did not like my work, so it is obvious that my work passes inspection so why does it matter what I use to make those images if they are images that they like?

Sure, there are some cases where there may be a valid reason for a client asking about your gear. Maybe they need the image to be used in some super huge billboard, or something like that. Still, why not offer me the job with the stipulation that I use a full frame DSLR for the shoot? I could easily run out and rent a full frame camera just for your job if it is really that important.

I am curious about your thoughts on this matter. What do you think about clients asking about the gear that you use? Do you think they have a right to know or do you think it is over stepping? How do you feel about being disqualified for a job based ont eh gear that you use? Let us know in a comment below. 

[via DIY Photography]