The Canon 7D is Canon’s top of the line Crop sensor body, the D7100 is Nikons new top of the line Crop Sensor body. 4 years separates these two models, the 7D is a known quantity that photographers know they can rely on every day. The D7100 is a new player in the market, building on the success of the D7000 (Nikon’s equivalent of the 7D) this latest Nikon boast a larger sensor and more features than the ageing 7D – but it has yet to prove itself as far as durability and staying power.

Which one is better? The Guys over at DigitalRev put together this great video comparing the two cameras. The results are not all that surprising; the D7100 has the edge in image quality and low light performance, while the 7D remains a step ahead of the Nikon as far as video and body construction goes.

Which would you choose? Let us know in a comment below.