New Workshop! Lighting 3 | Advanced Off Camera Flash

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Downtown Los Angeles. Photo taken for fun at the end of a day taking headshots. Did about 6 tries. Good thing I did! The first 5 were... (show more)
Exif Data
  • NIKON D810
  • 24-70mm
  • f/f/5.6
  • 24mmmm
  • 8 seconds
  • 31

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  1. A
    Dessa Bailey

    This is a fantastic Shot Vern!!! the only thing I would do is take the lasso tool and with about a 80% feather and lasso his face, then with that selected use the Curves tool and tone down the highlights. This is an easy way to make adjustments on any bright or dark spots in your photograph:-)

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  2. B
    David Hill

    You have balanced the flash well with the ambient light avoiding that ‘photoshopped’ look! Nice one! Dave

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  3. C
    David Hill

    Must avoid cutting joints/limbs as it just detracts from a ‘professional’ quality feel! That goes for both hands! Sorry…..Dave

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  4. D
    David Hill

    Hand on hip isn’t a ‘masculine’ pose (not meant rudely!) This ‘gap’ between arm and body is generally associated with female posing. Look at more ‘assertive/masculine’ poses……Dave

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  5. Vern Jensen

    Great comments David! It’s funny how obvious those things are after you point them out… and not so much before. ;-) I definitely do need to study up on masculine poses… it’s next on my list! Thanks for the feedback.

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