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Composition and lighting.
Exif Data
  • Mamiya 645AF
  • 80mm 1.9
  • f/1.9
  • 80mm
  • 400

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  1. Sheleria Cushman

    There is such potential here.  Perhaps the male subject could compliment the beautiful movement in this scene and direct the couple could engage with leach other.  Good job 

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  2. Sheleria Cushman

    Oops sorry for the text errors.  If you could direct the  couple to forget  about camera they may settle into the shoot.

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  3. James Holleran

    I think this shot could really pop if uderexposed by a 2 stops or so and then bring soft flash in camera right.  The sun in the background would provide some rim lighting and then you could bring the couple back up to proper exposure with the fill flash.  It would have made the scene much more dramatic.

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  4. A
    David Hill

    I love the light and airy feel you have going on which suits the subject nicely. Dave

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  5. B
    David Hill

    This arm is interfering with her face a little…..I am guessing you will have taken multiple images so may have picked one where there is more separation between arm and face. Also, arm looks a little blown out but not a deal breaker for me….nice image. Dave

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  6. C
    David Hill

    Here eyes are nearly closed! I think that they need to be one or the other i.e. open or closed completly to add to that ‘dreamy feel’. Again, taking multiple images and reviewing in the LCD would show this up. Dave

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    • Timothy Monk

      Thanks David for the critique, you’re always helpful!  This image was shot on film, so reviewing the LCD isn’t really an option, haha!

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    • David Hill

      LOL! I didn’t realise it was film!! 

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