New Workshop! Lighting 3 | Advanced Off Camera Flash

Show Critique
In this first dance image i had a backlight against the far wall, and just bounced a little fill with my on camera flash.
Exif Data
  • 24-70MM
  • f/2.8
  • 70mm
  • 1/250
  • 3200

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  1. Matthew Saville

    Very solid shot overall, I think the rim light is absolutely perfect!

    While I would call this a “clean safety shot”, the real “winning shot” to me would be if you killed your on-camera flash and went for a moody silhouette. Since the rim light is so perfect, it would have been amazing.

    Of course, you can’t go for that more creative shot without first “covering the bases” and getting this well-exposed standard shot, so well done. The next step is to simply practice nailing this shot quickly, and then flipping off your on-camera flash really quickly and shooting more.

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