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Tim Worrall

My first attempt at a portrait shoot, I would really appreciate some constructive feedback on what is good and what needs improving (and... (show more)
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    Maarten Mennes

    Nice sharp capture, but I can’t help to look directly into this hairline. In addition I feel little connection with the person in the portrait. In a portrait set up like this, I would have her look directly in your lens.

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      Tim Worrall

      Thanks for the feedback. I hadn’t spotted the hairline.
      I was trying for a bit of a candid feel but, on reflection, I think I agree with looking into the lens.

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  2. kim williams

    The hardest thing to pick up on as a beginner in photography is the little details, especially when your are trying to get the correct exposure and focus. you should try to shoot lower at her eye line or just below it. having her lower her chin slightly would have yielded better results. Anther tip would be to have the subject make visual contact with the lense. have her smile with her eyes it will soften the expression on her face and create a strong connection with the viewer making a stronger portrait.

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