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Exif Data
  • ILCE-6300
  • 35mm f1.8
  • f/3.5
  • 35mmmm
  • 1/250 seconds
  • 200

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  1. Shivani Reddy

    Solid family portrait. I don’t think it was necessary to bump up to f/3.5. Since you have a prime lens I would have rather you pulled them off the background a bit ((i can see that it is sunny so you might have placed them here as the only source of shade) and then stop to f/2.0 and still get everyone tack sharp.

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  2. A
    Shivani Reddy

    Love the layers in posing I would have had her do something a bit different since the girl opposite of her is doing the same thing. 

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  3. Shivani Reddy

    Overall I think you are lacking connections between the family – that’s what makes them close and shows their relationships so maybe next time try having couples hold hands or loop arms.

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