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The assignment was for panning. It took a lot of images to get this one shot, and I'm wondering if I would have had more success if I was... (show more)
Exif Data
  • 85
  • f/f9.0
  • 85mmmm
  • 1/10 seconds
  • 100

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  1. A
    David Hill

    Good job leaving room for the car to move into! Nice! Dave

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  2. B
    David Hill

    You took ‘lots of images’ to get this one…so what was wrong with the others? Can I guess that the car wasn’t sharp enough? Technique is key (for mea at least!) here! So, if you move the camera up and down even just a slight amount in the panning process it causes problems! You must aim to simply go ‘sideways!’ And yes, you will have to take multiple images to get the ‘keepers’ you want. I dont think that being closer would make it better. You would be panning faster if you think about it so would get away with a higher shutter speed etc…..its trial an error I’m afraid especially if you are not in a ‘controlled’ environment. By  that I mean, when I have done this for clients, I have told them to ‘drive at a particular speed’ on a ‘road that I know!’ Dave

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  3. Matthew Saville

    I’ve been shooting panning shots for over 15 years, (my first attempts were on film!) …and I still have to shoot LOTS of images to get one good one!

    Over time your keeper %% will certainly improve, but it’s always going to be a roll-the-dice game no matter what, so just keep practicing!

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  4. Matthew Saville

    The distance, by the way, doesn’t necessarily make a difference in the success rate. If anything, being closer (and shooting wider) can cause weird rotational blur effects in the moving subject itself.

    If anything, I like to shoot panning shots telephoto, and just start memorizing different optimal shutter speeds for different focal lengths and for different speed subjects. A car moving this fast, at 85mm, might still be able to generate good panning blur at 1/20 sec or 1/40 sec, for example, which would have given you a few more keepers in the bunch maybe. But, sometimes it’s worth it to go for broke and *really* blur the subject!

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