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Roman Photography Semi-Pro and im critiqued alot on my colors, i guess i love vivid colors... (show more)

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Crystal Youhana Roman, this shot is beautiful! Although I would suggest a mor shallow depth of field  and possibly a gridded flash helping to control it to the subject... (show more)

Latisha Willis His beard presented a challenge for me. Should I have used a wider crop?... (show more)

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Alexandra Martinez Hi Latisha, I think it is a very nice portrait. I would not be concerned about the jaw line as it is not visible anyway. I would consider an additional... (show more)

Latisha Willis How can I improve this image. Client did not like the pose. Any... (show more)

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alessandro spedito Well I try to avoid this usually explaining that posing is awkward as the camera see in 2D not 3D like human eye :) so to be a natural pose in the picture as... (show more)

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Matthew Saville Very perfectly done as far as focusing carefully on the eyes goes! I'm liking the rest of the shot, although I think the bokeh on the sides is actually a bit... (show more)

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Matthew Saville Hi Justin, thanks for submitting this image to SLR Lounge's premium critiques! I think that while you've got a great image here, when it comes to the... (show more)

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Matthew Saville I think the lighting direction might not match the direction of the gaze of the model; it is a bit odd to see the light coming from the right but her gaze... (show more)

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Aaron Yu What do you think about this photo?

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Matthew Saville Very clean image, nicely done on the pose, lighting, color-correction, and the retouching... I like the subtle vertical lines in the background, too, I... (show more)

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Lev Rogozhnikov How can I improve post processing in this scene? How can i improve the... (show more)