New Workshop: Photographing Group Portraits!

Janalee Berentzen White balance – overall coloring. I feel like it’s missing some... (show more)

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Ryan Rakboop It' a very bright shot, try to use more contrast as well. There's not much happening in the background so maybe that's why it "feels flat". Maybe next time... (show more)

Lotus Buccola This was a first time in a long time I used strobes on location.... (show more)

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Kasia Chwastek Haha, great comment :) Yes, indeed, there was a window. I think you are right, the room light must have been on! Luckily, I am crazy about this dish and I... (show more)

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Rob Nelson Great pic, my only thought is that the fill light is a bit low as it pushes the shadow from her nose towards her right eye, would be nice to see it with the... (show more)

Vanessa Peterson Went for the silly faces count down , any tip that could make the image... (show more)

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Matthew Saville Hi Vanessa,It's hard to tell from this resolution of the image when uploaded to the internet, but I think you could have benefitted from bumping the ISO up... (show more)

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