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Ciprian Biclineru Pre wedding in Pargue, shot at 7 o’clock in the morning in a cold... (show more)

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J Duclayan It's a well made image and all but I too side with Rich when it comes to her hand. At a glance it looks like a freakish hand but looking at it closely, your... (show more)

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J Duclayan Thank you matthew! Truth be told, the photo was very under exposed hence the reason why I lost his legs. The setup was on strobe with a maggrid over his... (show more)

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Levi Baum Any pointers would be helpful!

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Matthew Saville I do like that you can see people on the opposite shore here, I'm sure the photo would also be great with a slight crop to actually let those people become... (show more)

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Thomas Hansen Just looking for some critique. I used 3 speed lights, 1 on each side... (show more)

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Matthew Saville I think it's definitely still a great shot, and if the expression is best, that makes it the best shot, period, even if the lighting could use a minor tweak.... (show more)

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Dhruv Narang CC Welcome. Shot this with Godox ad600 with godox p90h on camera... (show more)

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Dhruv Narang Thank you so much Matthew, i will take all the points of posing into consideration :) and for background actually there was no shimmer on this side(the left... (show more)

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