New Workshop! Lighting 3 | Advanced Off Camera Flash

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Mixed Lighting: Tried to get the girl with the best window light and in focus as this was a semi candid moment right before they would... (show more)
Exif Data
  • Canon EOS 5DS
  • EF85mm f/1.8 USM
  • f/2
  • 85mm
  • 1/160
  • 500

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  1. Matthew Saville

    Hi Paco,

    I think that in a candid situation like this, having a bit of mixed lighting is okay, as long as it doesn’t conflict on an important part of their face. In other words, I like the warmth of the light on her shoulders etc, but it is a bit of a bummer that his face is in shadow and also red/orange. But there’s nothing you can do aside from either asking him to re-pose, (probably not an option if this was truly a candid moment) ….or just use strong flash bounced over the whole are to fill their faces a bit more evenly. (and if that’s a window, then I’d use no gel on the flash to match the window light, since that’s the dominant light on her face.)

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