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How can I improve this overall picture, and in particular, the posing? Had an assistant holding two bare bulb pocket flashes triggered... (show more)
Exif Data
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark III
  • EF24-70mm f/4L IS USM
  • f/8
  • 24mm
  • 1/160 seconds
  • 100

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  1. Michael Juarez

    Hey Nehal, dramatic shot! Here are my comments:

    The location is beautiful, but I think a tighter crop would help here. Right now my eye darts between the couple and the bright sun.

    As for the posing, the women looks off balance / uncomfortable. A big factor for this is how the guy has positioned his support hands. It’s hard to see his back/right hand, but it looks like he is holding her from her lower back. That’s a lot of strain on on her core to support her upper body/head. If he supports her further up, she would be better balanced. Otherwise, she can bring her hands up around his neck, or she can bring her foot back down and go for the classic ‘V-J’ pose. 

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  2. Matthew Saville

    A very impressive scene, Nehal, thanks for sharing it! 

    The first thing that I notice is that the white tones where the sun is have been preserved a bit too much for my  taste. In my opinion, since it’s the sun it should be bright; if the light is peeking through the clouds enough to cause it to blow out, then both the blown-out spots and the nearby sky that still has detail, should be very bright. It’s just realistic. The change doesn’t have to be very much, maybe just a very small bump, but I think it will make the image appear more natural.

    Regarding the subject and the pose, I think I partly agree with Michael in that the subject is a bit lost in the scene, however I would say that it could certainly work with this crop if there had been some strong leading lines that lead into the couple, and if they had a less same-tone background to help them stand out. That’s what I always look for when shooting dramatic scenes like this; frame the subjects against a background that lets them stand out, and try to create a leading line that directs your eye toward the subject as well.

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