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I would just love to hear a critique :D Maybe sth on my faaayke fake sun light :D
Exif Data
  • NIKON D600
  • sigma 20 1.8
  • f/9
  • 20mm
  • 1/200
  • 80


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  1. Amin Shayan

    nice photo 

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  2. A
    Anita Leung

    Nice pic!  Perhaps the sun rays…?  The temperature closer to the sun is more red/orange which i agree.  But as normal sun rays get closer to the camera (overlapping the couple in this case), shouldn’t the sun rays become more yellow or light yellowish?  

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  3. B
    Shivani Reddy

    I would watch the placement of this hand here – it is a bit too close to his crotch. The hands are like the pointers of the body and therefore our eyes are immediately drawn to wherever they are leading towards. 

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    • Konstantinos Papalopoulos

      Aagh..  I ve been straggling with this .. but… i dont know why , i kinda felt like telling to put her hand there .. i dont know why , they are a couple with passion .. so i just went for it ! 

      Nice point thank you !

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  4. Amanda Burnham

    What a neat photo! I’m impressed that you tried the faux sunset! The colors are also beautiful and work with the drama you were going for. 

    I agree with Shivani’s point about the hand placement, but if it felt right to you, maybe it was! Having her holding her arm at the same angle but lifting her forearm and softly placing her hand over his right hand would have also been beautiful.I personally don’t love the distortion this lens created on the railing and his legs especially. Seems like it was a small balcony, so maybe it required this lens, but maybe you could fool the camera and have his legs further away from the camera instead of the lean he naturally wants to do. 

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    • Konstantinos Papalopoulos

      Oooh… i loved that critique … So much to learn inside here… 

      it was indeed a small balcony , you are soo right about the leg and the hand placement , but .. ooooh .. too much to think about ,am not that experienced !

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  5. Bob Menard

    I agree with Amanda’s comment about the railing and angle. They appear as though they are leaning too heavily to the left. Levelling out the railing or horizon a bit would be good (if you have the leeway to do so.)

    There is also an odd blur artifact coming from his left sleeve that keeps grabbing my attention.

    All-in-all, I love the concept and the colours in this shot. Well done.

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  6. Amanda Burnham

    Konstantinos, You are so right! There is SOOOO much to think about. It’s part of what makes Photography such a challenge and amazing journey. There is no fast or easy way to become better… we all have to learn over time through trial and error. 

    I think how you are doing right now is awesome and can only get better and better! I have been working on critique so much because I really want to get better so I am studying every one’s work hoping that I can train my eye to see these little corrections while I am making the photo instead of later. :) I hope you have a great day!

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