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How do you think about the composission?
Exif Data
  • 8-16MM
  • f/6.3
  • 8mm
  • 1/250
  • 100


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  1. Timo Ilves

    wow. love it! i feel the photo is well balanced. only thing that I’d comment is that I think you could have modified their pose a bit so she could have had a bit more flattering pose. right now she has both of her arms mirroring each other and it seems as she is lifting something super heavy :) also if alternating  the pose a bit, the shadow could possibly draw out better also.. but overall love this photo

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  2. Kique Hermoza

    Thanks Timo!

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  3. Amanda Burnham

    This is gorgeous! So stunning!  What an awesome bride for being willing to trek in the sand in her dress! 

    I agree with Timo that the pose could be modified to be more flattering to the bride and to prevent foreshortening on the awesome train of her gown. I think you were focusing on the shadow (which is beautiful, by the way) but had she been turned in a more open pose to your camera’s current position, it would show less of her full on back and emphasize her waist. She could also have her right arm up on her grooms shoulder or coming through his arm and up his back or around his waist.

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