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I'm learning and practicing broad and short lighting techniques, and would appreciate some feedback. Here is one of my broad light shots.... (show more)
Exif Data
  • 70-200 f2.8
  • f/6.3
  • 125mm
  • 1/100 seconds
  • 100

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  1. A
    James Holleran

    I think the shadow on the left (her right) is too dark.  It’s not very flattering.  Maybe add some flash from this side as I don’t think the reflector is quite doing it.

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    • Jerri Nielsen

      Thank you, James! I was wondering about that. I’ll play around with some different setups.

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  2. B
    David Hill

    Hey Jerri! Thanks for sharing and always great to practice. It is also worth (which I guess you did) considering the most flattering light for your subject. With beautiful mature subject like this, it would be worth considering ‘flat lighting’ like clamshell etc as you will ‘fill more of the lines’ with light. Just a personal thing I guess but I wouldn’t put heavy shadows on a ladies face like this (again appreciate you were experimenting/practicing etc). Most ladies wouldn’t like that! Cheers. Dave

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    • Jerri Nielsen

      Thank you for the feedback, David! I completely agree with your thoughts on the lighting. The company I was practicing for has a set of specs they require photographers to use for their headshots…down to how the lights should be placed, the specific background, even focal length and f/stop if you can believe it! Their setup actually calls for the light on camera right to be placed straight onto the subject at a 90 degree angle from the camera…I “cheated” a little with this practice image by moving it to about 45 degrees to see how much I could soften it without completely going against their requirements. I greatly appreciate your comments! :-)

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