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  1. alex kennedy

    Hey Jared, here are a few tips:

    – the purple lights are distracting on the left edge.  Since the rest of the image has very little color, it may benefit by being a b&w photo.  I’d also try to dim the brightest parts of the purple lights in post production so it doesn’t compete with the fountain.

    – There is a lot of empty space to the right of the fountain spray.  I’d leave that out.

    – building on the first two comments, since the fountain is the subject, try to frame it so you can see the entirety of it, perhaps a vertical orientation  would help you see the top as the water arcs to fall down. as well as eliminate the empty space to the right and distracting lights to the left.

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  2. Matthew Saville

    I agree that a vertical shot which included the top of the fountain would have worked better. I do like the close-up horizontal abstract, however it would have worked much better if the colors and the reflection lines had extended all the way across the image. In this scene, the right is just a void, with the fountain creating a strong rule-of-thirds line on the left, and then the purple and red stuff in the lower-thirds corner only.

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  3. alex kennedy

    I do see now that the different colors in the water reflecting from the lights are pretty neat.  I’d say choose between the fountain and those reflections as the subject and try to hone in on one of those.

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  4. Crystal Youhana

    Hi Jared, I actually think that this photo is really interesting. My suggestion would be maybe try zooming out to give the viewer the entire view of the center fountain. Instead of cropping down on it. Love the colors and feel here . Nice work!

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    • Jared Husband

      Thanks I wish I had more room to compose but this was done during the 4th of July and it was hard enough with people walking in front of the camera and my kids running a muck 

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  5. Jared Husband

    Thanks guys for the input. It was a struggle to get it without people walking in front of the camera. Lol 

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    • Matthew Saville

      I totally understand how it goes when you’re around lots of other people, and/or with friends and family. In these situations, the important thing is to just practice and try stuff out, which you did here very well! Keep up the good work, and continue to hone your eye with time. :-)

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  6. Jared Husband


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