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Not sure if this photo is eligible due to it being Photoshopped. Would love general advice, anything you think as you look it over.

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  1. Matthew Saville

    Hi Jared,

    You’re certainly welcome to submit Photoshopped images for critique! Thanks for sharing.

    My feedback would indeed involve some questioning of the decisions to use certain overlays in Photoshop, though. To be specific, while I do like the foreground falling leaves/blossoms, I’m not sure I like the texture overlay in the sky above her, with the branches that kinda look like lightning almost. I’d say, keep the foreground stuff, but consider what the shot looks like with less editing to the sky.

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  2. Matthew Saville

    Overall however, I love the image as a whole. The pose is nice and flattering, candid, and her expression is peaceful, happy, fun… The composition is solid, the pose is great with the umbrella adding quite nicely to it, and although her face is in shade, it works well as a rainy/grey day type image. You could maybe try applying a faint bit more brightening to her face under the umbrella, either that or actually it might be even better to just try and tame the bright background just a touch more instead. 

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    • Jared Elrod

      Awesome thank you. If I could have done one thing differently it would have been to use a very low powered light on her face. I agree I overdid it on the sky but I did this one for me and love it. Your comments are helpful. I will make sure I tone it down for client work. 

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