New Workshop! Lighting 3 | Advanced Off Camera Flash

Show Critique
Using the sun as accent light from behind. The subject was lit with a Profoto B600 head fitted with a Mola Seti dish

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  1. A
    Curtis Mason

    Beautiful lighting! I would like to see one with her standing straight up instead of leaning to the side though.

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  2. B
    SG Photo

    The face is very well lit, though the eyes seem a little out of focus.

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  3. A
    Warren Surette

    I agree with Curtis. Nothing I would change other than her pose. Great photo though!

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  4. C
    Eric Johnson

    Nice lighting, especially using the sun as your edge light.

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  5. D
    Tanya Goodall Smith

    Really nice lighting. The pose is a little funky.

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  6. E
    Gyver Chang

    Great photo overall but I feel the tree branch is a little distracting.

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  7. Chris Kellyman

    Lighting is great and very natural looking.

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