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How could this image of been better? It's an 85mm f1.8 on a Canon 1dX. Hoya 4 stop ND filter with an Alien Bee 1600 shot through a 42"... (show more)
Exif Data
  • Canon EOS-1D X
  • 85.0 mm f/1.8
  • f/2.2
  • 85mm
  • 1/200 seconds
  • 100

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  1. Brent Mantooth

    the scene looks great, wish I could see more of her face.  Makes it seem more about her dress and the flowers b/c I can’t see her face.  I think just pushing her hair back would have made a big difference.

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  2. Matthew Saville

    I think this is a great shot overall! Love the colors, the depth, the focus and overall balance of exposure.

    My main critique would be that it doesn’t feel like the lighting through the umbrella really matches the natural light, and yet since the background is such a natural setting with what seems to be very soft light, I would have probably preferred to see the added light be a bit more soft and natural in appearance.

    It’s hard to tell, but It almost looks like an overcast day from what I’m seeing in the background. And since the subject is posed on the left, and the lighting is also coming from the left, it makes it a bit noticeable that she’s just being flashed with a flash. This can happen when a subject is closer to the edge that their light source is coming from.

    All in all, though, this is a very solid shot, and my critique is only a pondering of what /might/ make it look better, plus personal taste of course.

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